Sunday, 17 January 2010

Which room is yours now?

That's usually the question that is asked by many of No 4's friends when they come round to spend time with her (I cant say play now shes 12!).Yesterday was the allocated day to take down her old bed,which was a bunk with a sofa underneath and swap to a single bed.Also to sort out every single item in her room all in a attempt to make it look more grown up!.Now all was going well.We had taken down the spare single bed that was in the attic bedroom,carried it down the attic stairs and we then left it on the small landing on the other staircase.This bed was on its way to a friends as we no longer needed it and they did.We then got the other single bed out of the under drawing and took that down to No 4s bedroom.We then dismantled the bunks and carried those up to the attic along with futon mattress(very heavy).The next step was to build the single bed.After this it was lunch time so i left her to it while i made sandwiches.Everyone came down to eat. when we eventually got back up stairs to my horror No 4 had emptied every single item from every drawer,cupboard, shelf and the wardrobe and had piled it all in the middle of the floor.After about half an hour of sorting,1 bin bag for charity,1 for rubbish,a pile on my bed to pass on to friends and one on my bedroom floor to put on freecycle.No 4 announced "I'm board now can i go round to Es?"Looking at the pile that didn't seem to have gone down any "No way" was the answer she got.From then on it was a long slow slog till 6pm when finally her bedroom was like a shiny tidy new room.We ran the vac round and she stood in the middle looking proud.In the mean time,i had to make tea and clean the kitchen,we couldn't really get up and down stairs as there was a bed in the way.On the landing stood 4 charity bags and i couldn't even get to my bed never mind get in it.I was just thinking it was going to be a long night when No 4 appeared looking thoughtful."I think i preferred it when i was in the other bedroom " she said.

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