Sunday, 28 February 2010

Feeling old

OH NO only 10 days left of being in my 30's!!

Saturday, 27 February 2010


Oh dear i feel son is moving out of his flat.His flat mate left due to finances and No 2 cant afford the rent on his own.At one point it looked like he would be coming home,but he has found himself and Buster the dog a smaller flat.
Now that's not the reason why i feel terrible,the reason is that he left a few days ago but lots of his things are still in the flat.Most of them will be stored here until needed including his precious tropical fish.Well there i was tiding up a bit and putting a few bits in the car to bring home.
 On leaving i thought no one in house turn off electric!Yes that's why i feel terrible.On arriving back there last night there was a lot of very still fish.Out of 25, 8 have survived.
 No amount of adding warmer water and praying worked so the next plan was to move them all right away. So we ended up emptying the whole tank,disposing of the dead fish (down the loo!) is that not the way all fish go? although we once tried that with one of the pond fish which had died and it got well and truly stuck.We bury them now.
Anyway the tank is now set up in our dinning room looking very empty with 8 fish looking as if they have just moved to the penthouse with all the space they've got.Now onto ringing the son.Well here goes.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

We did it

Well the new Wednesday and Thursday morning routine has started and i think we did pretty well.Daughter No 3 is on work placement from college at a nursery about 2 miles away.From our house she would have to leave at 7 catch a bus into the town centre,Wait 15 minuets then catch the bus out to the school that then goes all round the houses.She would only just get there on time and it would have cost a fortune.(there is always the walking option of course!Maybe when the weather cheers up a bit)So being the nice mummy that i am i said i would take her,10 minuets in the car and sorted.The problem is that means getting Daughter No 4 to move a little bit faster than her normal snail pace. We have to leave half an hour earlier than we do on other days so that means getting up earlier, doing hair and makeup,eating,getting dressed and the mad hunt for things needed for that day all have to happen before an earlier deadline.I don't know how we did it but we did and No 3 has been there on time 2 days in a row now!(even with yesterdays snow)and i even dropped No 4 at school as compensation.I'm not saying it will always be so easy.I'm not saying i will always be able to drag myself out of bed half an hour earlier but for this week task complete.

Monday, 22 February 2010


Heres some pics of what the girls have been doing over the weekend!

Not a lot as you can see.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The wee small hours

Overnight we had the delightful task of dog sitting the love of my sons life,Buster.Buster is a staffy cross about 17 month old and full of beans. Not for one minute is he still.It was 1.30am when he finally stopped whining and went to sleep.He woke at 3am needing to go out for a wee and again at 5.I managed to go back to bed and sleep until 7am.I was awoken by the noise of a dog running for his life from a very angry cat.I have never seen such a fluffed up angry cat as Twiggy looked this morning,goodness knows what Buster had been up to.He is now laid with his head on the back of the sofa gazing out over a snow covered scene waiting for Daddy.
No 4 is about to go sledging with friends,we've had about 2 inches again overnight.I'm not sure how much sledging will happen it looks a bit wet and soggy to me.Me i am sat in front of a warm cosy fire with no desire to move.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy valentines day

Happy valentines day.I hope your day is filled with love.x

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Everything that should work....Wont

Well the last couple of weeks have been crazy to say the least.It all started with a morning in the utility room,i was determined to get every bit of washing in the house done,ironed and away (who was i kidding) I picked up the washing basket and found a puddle.Now having 5 cats I'm afraid to say that's always the first thing that springs to mind.But no i defiantly couldn't blame them.I was confused,that was until a drip dropped on my head.Looking up there was a few drops coming through the celling and a type of bubble which on further inspection and a prod i can tell you it was filled with water.It was coming from under the bath.So water off call in plumber.Now our shower has been out of action for a while and i am assured that the part we are waiting for is on its way (where from Australia? It must have been 3 weeks now).The next delight was the car.We have had our car for about 3 years and it wasn't new when we got it.We have been very lucky and its plodded on with no bother at all until now.After picking up No 4 from cheer leading and passing our house to drop her friend off it died,as far from home as we could get.With No 4 in cheer leading gear which consists of very short skirt,shorts and short sleeved top, she managed to get her school uniform back on in the back of the car! and we walked the very cold walk home.

On arrival home No3 said the boiler had blown its self out so no heating and no hot water! After the 2oth time of trying to relight it i realised this too was dead.By this time i just wanted to cry.We did get it fixed.It was the thermocouple thingy.Easy to mend very expensive to fit.To cut a very long story a little bit shorter this week has carried on pretty much the same as last week.The bath after being mended leaked again,the car is nearly fixed,My beloved computer is as dead as a dodo and yesterday my mobile phone stopped re charging! Things can only get better, I hope.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Here we go

I have at last decided to go public!First to share my little blog world i have created so far with A who is the reason i got into blog land in the first place,then slowly and surely with a few others who may be (or not) interested in what goes on in our crazy world.
I am not very crafty as most of the folks who blog seem to be,but my one passion is anything old and beautiful love charity shops,car boot sales and auctions and doing up our home.Welcome in and hope you enjoy.x

I dont think so!

Now to look at me you wouldn't think it,but I'm quite a outdoor type of person.I love walking and wandering through woods and up (small) hills and strolling through the heather and all that palaver.If the suns shining i will be in the garden from morning till night and very happy with it.(I'm easily pleased).Now my children that's another matter No 2 and No 4 are like me outdoor types.You could take them to a rock face and their little faces would light up and they would go up and down all day no complaints.As for No 1 and No 3 no sunlight shall ever grace their faces unless its a shopping trip round town.

With the weather being as it is and the snow falling again last night our thoughts turned to holiday plans.A few suggestions later and i dared to drop in the dreaded C word.I did it very quickly and quietly but they heard it anyway."Camping" No 4 said "oh yes".No 3 recoiled in horror and said "I don't think so!".Now i must admit she hasn't had fantastic experiences of camping up to now.The first time was on a prefects away day with school.They were left to put up their own tents(which she had never attempted before)After a couple of hours she gave up and went to look for her friends thus tripping over a log, rolling down a hill ,knocking her self out and spending all weekend trying to keep her head up due to concussion.She didn't go tell anyone as she felt silly!!.The next time was with college, she didn't want to go anyway and after a lot of persuasion she was off.The next day i was in the middle of Primark when i got a phone call ""THEYAREMAKINGMEWALKMILESUPTHISBIGHILLANDIDONTWANTTODOITAND
FURTHERIHATEIT." I was a bit taken aback so just said "pardon?"It turns out a youth worker had to take her back to the hostel and stay with her there until everyone else got back.She has now vowed never to go outdoors again!So another year at Butlins then with the scary bloke above i guess.