Saturday, 2 January 2010

First snow of 2010

We awoke this morning to the white Sky's of winter,the kind that makes you think the snows coming.Well by 9am snow it did huge big white snowflakes.This carried on a couple of hours and everywhere is now covered.I love snow and would happily walk for hours in it,but this is that wet snow that as soon as you set foot in it it turns to slush.The snow we had before Christmas now that was the good old snow i remember as a child the type you could make fantastic snowballs with and snow men.It was lovely that it stayed around for Christmas.To look out of the kitchen window on Christmas day and see snow made it all the more magical.Well until the veggies went on and then everywhere was so steamed up you couldn't see out.
We've nothing much planned today so i think a post Christmas tidy round is in order.I have been thinking about opening up the fireplaces in each of the 3 big bedrooms,they are boarded up at the moment so who knows what lies beneath.If i dare i will give it a go and let you know how i got on and maybe try and post pictures.Well the bird table is empty so the first job is to feed our little feathered friends.We have a very friendly robin who lets us know when he is hungry and right now hes sat on the washing line looking in at me,well nature calls (so to speak).

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