Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The fright of my life

This morning everything was going to plan,the girls were up and ready for school on time,We even got out of the door on time.Then the car would not open, the locks were frozen solid.I went back in to boil a kettle and No 3 and her friend set of walking to school .It was very slippy under foot and on the radio this morning there was a lot of warnings of black ice.After (i know you shouldn't)pouring boiling water over the windscreen and back window i poured it over the locks and my key and we were off.No 2 was on board as he was getting a lift to work mumbling something about no buses.

Now the first time i started to worry was when we were nearly at No 3s placement school.To my left there appeared to be a worried looking crowd and cars backed up all in a side street.They were trying to reverse back out in to the road we were coming down.As we passed the road we could see 2 cars spinning.I don't mean the wheels i mean the cars.spinning round, front to back.It was very scary.We got safely to No 3s school.She got out of the car and i waved her off.As she crossed the zebra crossing in front of me her legs shot from under her she flew up in the air and landed in a heap.I jumped out of the car and nearly fell,A elderly man tried to get to her but his feet were just going from under him.Eventually one of the teachers from the school in big walking boots grabbed her and got her up and off the road.She then signaled to me to wait and the teacher helped her back across and back to the car.School was closed!

She wasn't too hurt just really shook up.We drove carefully to N0 2s work and dropped him.2 minutes later a text,"can you come back for me we are closed".I turned around in a road junction.I knew I'd lost control right away and i could feel the back end of the car going.The thing was this junction was at the top of a slight hill,i knew if i didn't get control we'd be down it.I couldn't do anything and panicked.No 3 was saying "its ok, its ok"and i was thinking No its not but we stopped,i don't know how but thank you God we stopped.After a few minutes i went very slowly to pick up No 2. We drove home at 20 miles an hour.We saw at least 8 people on the floor or falling.There had been 45 car crashes in our town before 10am.I am never going out again! It was so bad they have named it black ice Wednesday.

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