Monday, 4 January 2010

High hopes and Heros

Its a beautiful day snow on the ground ,a bright blue sky and oh yes about 70 wheelie bins all up and down the street.I know the weather has been bad and of course i didn't expect the bin men to come when we had 2 foot of snow.But i was a little bit annoyed when my friend who lives in the back of beyond announced "oh they have been to us and emptied both our green(recycle)and Grey(household waste)".They had about 6 foot of snow!.Great,they haven't been to us for 3 weeks now.I know i shouldn't complain the poor folk of Leeds went around 12 weeks without their bins emptying.I just wouldn't cope.As i stacked yet another black bag next to the ever growing pile next to the overflowing bin this morning i said to Mr next door"I have high hopes for these bin men.I think they will come today empty both bins,take all the extra bags and ask is there anything else you'd like us to take?"What did Mr next door say?Well nothing hes a man of very few words.He just smiled nodded and went back inside still smiling.I'm sure he was agreeing with me.Will the bin men become my hero's today?or will it be a tip trip tomorrow?

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