Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow. what else?

Schools closed.Just one daring person left the house.
To make a snow man ?

The poor fish were under the cover of snow.It must be very dark down there.

Only a couple of leaves remained on the tree.

The Sky's clouded over once more

some folks braved the elements.

I didn't!

I hope you have a snugly,cosy,warm day.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

All done

Well its finished
The cats are happy,and we even managed to build the crib for the new baby

And our little visitor is very happy,we have to go upstairs every now and again at various points through out the day so he can make sure its still there.The house is about as tidy as it can be so we are ready.All we need now is a new baby.
Snow has been forecast and the clouds seem to be gathering so the spare bed is made up and the new boiler is working hard.All we can do now is wait.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Getting a move on

We have been doing a bit of decorating,The little boy we foster had bedroom with pink flowery wallpaper so we decided to decorate the room with something a little more child friendly. I was just thinking about getting on with it when this arrived.No its not domestic waste as the bag says.Its actually a home birthing pack.As in new baby,being born here in our house,very soon.My eldest daughters 2nd child is due any day now and she asked us if we could make it a family event and could she have a home birth here!!

Seen as most of the house looks like this. ( how is it that when you decorate one room the rest of the house gets turned upside down ?)

So i though wed better get a move on and some progress was made.Hopefully to be finished by tomorrow and the whole house cleaned and tidied.Just in case.Maybe that's wishful thinking but the thought was there.

Monday, 15 November 2010

A swift boot into the 21st century

On Friday morning i was woken by the cold,we normally wake to at least a bit of heat.What looked like a lovely morning turned into a disaster. When we discovered old faithful had had it.(The plumber had been at this stage) and declared her dead

This beast had served us well (although probably not very economical) she heated the whole house and threw a vast amount of heat out into the kitchen.

so now in her place is a radiator

and we have this which I'm assured is much better for our pocket ,although the pots pretty empty now what with that and 3 new radiators.The plumber said our old boiler was from the 60s and there was no way things last that long now,he gave our new one 5 years at the most !! fab.

October into November

From scary spiders
with pumpkin balloons

to little angles

and a night that went with a bang

and lots of oooos and aaahhhhs.