Sunday, 3 January 2010

Snow snow and more snow

Well the first challenge of the day was to get out of bed.It was freezing -6 on the outside thermometer.It had started snowing around 4pm again yesterday after the initial morning snow fall and it kept on going until at least midnight when snuggled in a electric blanket i Finally dozed off.After a hot breakfast and a lot of sitting in front of the fire we decided we better start the day.No 1 was ringing to see if we were going to brave the snow and go to church,we couldn't say no really as you can see the church building out of our window.We collected gorgeous and off to church we went.Back across the road again after it had finished for lunch and after gorgeous went home me and No3 decided a walk was in order.Well we didn't get far before turning back and heading home looking rather blue,you know that frozen to the bone feeling.After many hot drinks and sitting in the heat of the house we had obviously forgotten the walk incident and decided to go for a drive.Now my idea of a afternoon drive doesn't usually involve sitting in what felt like a freezer.I kept saying the heater will kick in anytime soon,(well it did on the way home!)We drove a few miles and got out of the car for a wander down a country lane to look at what i thought was a horse in a field.It turned out to be a old scarecrow, i must get glasses.And then home i said "lets go a different way",well you'd think I'd know better wouldn't you in the middle of the country side in -4 temperatures with snow on every surface ah well.After trying several different lanes we finally found one that wasn't blocked with snow.We arrived back home and snuggled yet again by the fire in warm crocheted blankets.
Its the last day of the Christmas holidays today and No 3 and 4 are back to college and school tomorrow.Its a round of packing bags, finding gym kits ,washing coats and hats scarfs and gloves,polishing shoes and ironing uniforms, of course that's just me the girls are watching TV.

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