Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Well i did attempt to open up the fireplaces.No 3s was fine .Id looked at that one in the summer,we took the front off and it just needed a vac and a wash.There is some paint that needs a touch up but with some candles or a vase in it should look fine.No 4s was a no go,someone has previously painted over the tiles in a mustard yellow colour.I shut that back up and maybe will try with some paint stripper in the summer.

Mine however was another story.It took a good hour to get the front off,and another hour to clean up all the soot that fell down!Everything was covered in a thin black layer.With a dust pan i filled 2 black bin liners of soot,twigs and bird seed from the fireplace its self then gave it a vac and a wash.I was happy to find the grate still in place as all the others have long since gone.The only problem now is that when you look up the chimney its packed with soot that i know if i don't get down may just come down all on its own.

Picture the scene a woman in her decorating clothes under an old curtain held on top of the fireplace with big stones(that took a while to find from under the snow in the garden)dustpan in one hand,cat litter tray in the other(it was the only thing i could find that would fit).Now i know the minute i prod the soot it will all come down.I don't know how much is up there or if the cat litter tray will actually catch it all.I first gave a little prod,a few bits fell.Then a harder prod,a few more bits.Then i shoved and it all fell!I came out from under that sheet looking like id been down a mine,and yet again everything was covered in a think black layer of dust.ahh well.Lots of cleaning later and i don't think it looks too bad.Its not a great picture but not bad for the worst days work i have ever done.

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