Friday, 8 January 2010

The madness begins

Well I'm sure by now you are all fed up of hearing about and seeing this snow.I love snow and could willingly sit inside and look at it all day.
The thing is when it goes on this long you just have to get on with well life. No 4 is just going back to school this morning since being sent home Tuesday.
 No 3 went to her placement school yesterday and No 2 went into work yesterday.
So this morning was all systems go.It was extremely cold even with the heating on but get up we must.. I must say they managed to force themselves .
 We have been sleeping with the electric blankets on low (ours are the type you can some older ones its very dangerous so you need to check). I got up around 5am and it was minus 10.
 I turned the girls blankets off before i woke them or they would never get out of bed.

All went well and i cleared the car of ice and took them up the road.The paths are still far too icy to be safe.
On the way back down i rang No 3 to say i was nearly there and would run him into work at which point he replied "I'm stuck" Stuck where? How could he be stuck he was safely in his flat.But that was it he was in his flat and both doors(wooden)were very tightly frozen shut.Well a lot of pulling and pushing followed,i went and brought a hammer (its a good job he only lives across the road)That didn't work, he fetched the hair dryer.That didn't work.In the end we gave up.He rang into work with the strangest excuse they had ever heard.Eventually by lunch time the temperature had warmed up a bit and he finally got out.

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