Tuesday, 24 May 2011


We have had birthdays and birth days here.Bethany turned 18 and 2 days later became an aunt again for the third time. My son and daughter in law had their beautiful baby Jessica Elizabeth on Friday the 13th,weighing in at 6lb 4 oz.

The gardens going a bit wild although i managed to do something about the front at weekend,the back is looking jungle like.

My eldest daughters baby's have all found new homes.Cheesecake was the last to go.

And my youngest has developed a design streak.

And me,well i have all this to paint

and this

and all the way up there

and along there

And finally up there as well

The woodwork has finally been finished thank goodness and the carpet ordered so all we need to do now is go from green to coffee.

I'm sorry about the pictures i don't know why they get further and further apart as you scroll down.Ive tried everything.Any ideas?

Thursday, 5 May 2011

sun,sand,sea and smiles

The journey there

Taking photos of everything!

some turned out quite good.

and some well mmm.

All the fun of the fair

Makes my stomach turn.

But some things i can still cope with.

And a long walk along the beech for fish and chips

Making new friends

and having fun together

Then home to bed. bye bye wales


Meet Buster,Buster is my sons baby.The biggest, softest,clumsiest dog I've ever met.
Buster is about to have his nose pushed out of joint by my sons other baby.Meet Emma my daughter in law (well a bit of her anyway!) 9 months pregnant and fed up.We are all ready and waiting.

As most of you will know i started fostering about a year ago.Our first gorgeous little foster child went back to his mum in April.

Now this has arrived in my spare room.

And this is parked in the hallway.

Not for Grandchild number 3.All i can tell you is 3 days old and weighing 4lb.

Its all go here you know.