Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Meet the family

Meet Millie pig,she has very nibbled ears as when we got her she was in a hut with about 20 others.Millie lives with Ellie.I know some people say they shouldn't live together but they love each other.Millie snuggles under Ellie in the cold and they clean each other and play together.
Tinkerbell.A wild mouse rescued as a little jelly bean from Twiglets mouth.We had found the rest of her family all over the garden.As a dot she used to lap baby milk from the creases in my hand.We just had to save her.Shes very tame now and will happily fall asleep in your hand.Shes also very tasty looking for our 5 cats.Poor Tink.

Ellie-may.Ellie is our only boy.Yes i did say boy,by the time we got to the vets it was too late being such a clever rabbit he/she already answered to his/her name. Taome. The Apple Of My Eye.Tao for short is Tabitha's daughter.She is our quiet,timid, tiny little thing who keeps out of the way of all the madness going on around her while purring happily.

Twiglet .Twiggy is boss and a bully.She is Tbags daughter and will give anyone who gets in her way a swipe(naughty girl)

Taome sat on her mum Tabitha .I just had to add this one(poor tabby)

Tabitha ,Tabby or flabitha as some call her,Is our mum to everyone.She is very maternal and will happily love anything from a pair of socks to the guinea pig.If you placed a tiny kitten in front of her she would love it and lick i until you had a very soggy puss.

A evil looking Lilo .As in lilo and stitch.She is our mischievous,playful cat.Chasing anything and everything.Shes the baby of the family and the little kitten Tabitha made soggy.

Tbag (Twiglets mum) yawn.That all she does.She is sooooo laid back.I'm surprises she doesn't fall over.The vet once asked me if she caught birds?"Only if one fell in her mouth while she was yawning" i said.
In our house we have a pecking order.First its the children,then the cats next is Ellie-may the rabbit,then Millie the guinea pig, and Tink the mouse.Last I'm pretty sure its me.(The one with the food and the one who cleans up after everyone)

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