Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Schools out

After watching the weather forecast last night,we were warned more snow was on the way.It was due to hit us around 3am and we were going to get around 4 inch.The girls had already decided that school and college would be closed so there was just no point in waking them up!.I said i,d set the alarm just in case.This morning i woke and half wondered should i even bother getting up but i thought id take a peek out side and see if it was up to the windows yet.Throwing open the curtains there it was, just the same amount as yesterday!.It didn't look like it has done anything.
I apologetically woke the girls and with groans of disbelief they got up.By the time breakfast was on the table the snow had started to fall,and by the time everyone had washed,brushed teeth and hair and applied a mountain of make up the school closures were being read out on the radio.To No 4s amazement her school was open as usual.I said i,d take them in the car.No4 school and No 3s college are on the same campus and 10 minuets walk away from home.It took us 10 minutes in the car to get there and another half an hour for me to get back home.I just pulled on to the drive when No3 appeared behind me, they had sent them home.It was now coming down really heavy.We kept checking No 4s school website but it said the school was still open.At last at 10.30 the teachers must have begun to worry they may not get home or worse still the kids mightn't not get home and they'd be stuck with them for the night.They closed the school and at last were all together watching the 6 hours of snow fall we've had so far.
No 4 has a friend over,shes at a different school that's also closed.They are making up cake recipes and baking them.If there is no post on here from me tomorrow you know why.But the good news is,the bin men got here before the snow!

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