Sunday, 10 January 2010

Grandma would have been proud

No 3 didn't appear until lunch time today,No 4 and her friend had been up a while(well a couple of hours anyway).I had been as always when i have a bit of time catching up on my favorite blogs.I noticed that in Rattling on's blog she had pictures of her Victorian door bell.Carrying the laptop displaying the photos,i stood outside in the snow in dressing gown and slippers.Looking at the doorbell outside our door .It had never worked and was cover in different coloured layers of peeling paint.She had mentioned that hers was actually brass,so that became the project for the day.All my good intentions for the day went out of the window.After weeding the flower bed under the doorbell in the summer i found out quite painfully that the door bell wasn't attached and was just resting there in the wall.So after 4 hours of washing and paint stripping then a whole lot of braso and elbow greece i now am the proud owner of a beautiful shining Victorian doorbell.The thing is its now so lovely i don't want to put it back in the wall in case someone takes a fancy to it.So tomorrows job:off to the diy store for cement i think.

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