Sunday, 21 February 2010

The wee small hours

Overnight we had the delightful task of dog sitting the love of my sons life,Buster.Buster is a staffy cross about 17 month old and full of beans. Not for one minute is he still.It was 1.30am when he finally stopped whining and went to sleep.He woke at 3am needing to go out for a wee and again at 5.I managed to go back to bed and sleep until 7am.I was awoken by the noise of a dog running for his life from a very angry cat.I have never seen such a fluffed up angry cat as Twiggy looked this morning,goodness knows what Buster had been up to.He is now laid with his head on the back of the sofa gazing out over a snow covered scene waiting for Daddy.
No 4 is about to go sledging with friends,we've had about 2 inches again overnight.I'm not sure how much sledging will happen it looks a bit wet and soggy to me.Me i am sat in front of a warm cosy fire with no desire to move.

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  1. what lovely cats, you are so lucky we can't have any here, too near a busy road! more snow forecast!