Thursday, 25 February 2010

We did it

Well the new Wednesday and Thursday morning routine has started and i think we did pretty well.Daughter No 3 is on work placement from college at a nursery about 2 miles away.From our house she would have to leave at 7 catch a bus into the town centre,Wait 15 minuets then catch the bus out to the school that then goes all round the houses.She would only just get there on time and it would have cost a fortune.(there is always the walking option of course!Maybe when the weather cheers up a bit)So being the nice mummy that i am i said i would take her,10 minuets in the car and sorted.The problem is that means getting Daughter No 4 to move a little bit faster than her normal snail pace. We have to leave half an hour earlier than we do on other days so that means getting up earlier, doing hair and makeup,eating,getting dressed and the mad hunt for things needed for that day all have to happen before an earlier deadline.I don't know how we did it but we did and No 3 has been there on time 2 days in a row now!(even with yesterdays snow)and i even dropped No 4 at school as compensation.I'm not saying it will always be so easy.I'm not saying i will always be able to drag myself out of bed half an hour earlier but for this week task complete.


  1. Well done! you really are far too organised.

  2. Sounds like you have pretty busy mornings. I always plan to get up half-an-hour earlier and very rarely do.