Saturday, 27 February 2010


Oh dear i feel son is moving out of his flat.His flat mate left due to finances and No 2 cant afford the rent on his own.At one point it looked like he would be coming home,but he has found himself and Buster the dog a smaller flat.
Now that's not the reason why i feel terrible,the reason is that he left a few days ago but lots of his things are still in the flat.Most of them will be stored here until needed including his precious tropical fish.Well there i was tiding up a bit and putting a few bits in the car to bring home.
 On leaving i thought no one in house turn off electric!Yes that's why i feel terrible.On arriving back there last night there was a lot of very still fish.Out of 25, 8 have survived.
 No amount of adding warmer water and praying worked so the next plan was to move them all right away. So we ended up emptying the whole tank,disposing of the dead fish (down the loo!) is that not the way all fish go? although we once tried that with one of the pond fish which had died and it got well and truly stuck.We bury them now.
Anyway the tank is now set up in our dinning room looking very empty with 8 fish looking as if they have just moved to the penthouse with all the space they've got.Now onto ringing the son.Well here goes.


  1. Oh that is sad. You can't do everything it is just one of those things.

  2. Oh dear. Hope your son takes it well.