Thursday, 4 February 2010

I dont think so!

Now to look at me you wouldn't think it,but I'm quite a outdoor type of person.I love walking and wandering through woods and up (small) hills and strolling through the heather and all that palaver.If the suns shining i will be in the garden from morning till night and very happy with it.(I'm easily pleased).Now my children that's another matter No 2 and No 4 are like me outdoor types.You could take them to a rock face and their little faces would light up and they would go up and down all day no complaints.As for No 1 and No 3 no sunlight shall ever grace their faces unless its a shopping trip round town.

With the weather being as it is and the snow falling again last night our thoughts turned to holiday plans.A few suggestions later and i dared to drop in the dreaded C word.I did it very quickly and quietly but they heard it anyway."Camping" No 4 said "oh yes".No 3 recoiled in horror and said "I don't think so!".Now i must admit she hasn't had fantastic experiences of camping up to now.The first time was on a prefects away day with school.They were left to put up their own tents(which she had never attempted before)After a couple of hours she gave up and went to look for her friends thus tripping over a log, rolling down a hill ,knocking her self out and spending all weekend trying to keep her head up due to concussion.She didn't go tell anyone as she felt silly!!.The next time was with college, she didn't want to go anyway and after a lot of persuasion she was off.The next day i was in the middle of Primark when i got a phone call ""THEYAREMAKINGMEWALKMILESUPTHISBIGHILLANDIDONTWANTTODOITAND
FURTHERIHATEIT." I was a bit taken aback so just said "pardon?"It turns out a youth worker had to take her back to the hostel and stay with her there until everyone else got back.She has now vowed never to go outdoors again!So another year at Butlins then with the scary bloke above i guess.

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