Thursday, 11 February 2010

Everything that should work....Wont

Well the last couple of weeks have been crazy to say the least.It all started with a morning in the utility room,i was determined to get every bit of washing in the house done,ironed and away (who was i kidding) I picked up the washing basket and found a puddle.Now having 5 cats I'm afraid to say that's always the first thing that springs to mind.But no i defiantly couldn't blame them.I was confused,that was until a drip dropped on my head.Looking up there was a few drops coming through the celling and a type of bubble which on further inspection and a prod i can tell you it was filled with water.It was coming from under the bath.So water off call in plumber.Now our shower has been out of action for a while and i am assured that the part we are waiting for is on its way (where from Australia? It must have been 3 weeks now).The next delight was the car.We have had our car for about 3 years and it wasn't new when we got it.We have been very lucky and its plodded on with no bother at all until now.After picking up No 4 from cheer leading and passing our house to drop her friend off it died,as far from home as we could get.With No 4 in cheer leading gear which consists of very short skirt,shorts and short sleeved top, she managed to get her school uniform back on in the back of the car! and we walked the very cold walk home.

On arrival home No3 said the boiler had blown its self out so no heating and no hot water! After the 2oth time of trying to relight it i realised this too was dead.By this time i just wanted to cry.We did get it fixed.It was the thermocouple thingy.Easy to mend very expensive to fit.To cut a very long story a little bit shorter this week has carried on pretty much the same as last week.The bath after being mended leaked again,the car is nearly fixed,My beloved computer is as dead as a dodo and yesterday my mobile phone stopped re charging! Things can only get better, I hope.


  1. What rotten luck. We've had a run of things breaking down here too, ending with me dropping a glass spice jar on the (almost) new ceramic hob. Needless to say they both need replacing. I think the spice jar might not be so expensive! Thanks for visiting Cupcake Towers, btw.

  2. I love the way you make it all sound humourous! What a terrible week! Hope next week is better

  3. Lol, love the picture.

    We recently had a leak coming from our kitchen ceiling. It turned out to be simply a seal problem round the bath taps...ha that sounds like we had sea-life cavorting round the bath! hubster fixed the seal and it seems to be better now. Although our kitchen looks a bit of a mess now with the wallpaper hanging down.