Friday, 4 February 2011

Whatever happened to Green belt

The area in the above photo is 10 minuets walk from my house,The photo doesn't do it justice.When you walk along the road through the middle of the area marked in red to feed the horses you cant see all the houses around and have no knowledge of the motorway that looks so close.
As you can see they want to build on yet another bit of green land,soon we will have no wide open spaces left.
I have lived in the same area all of my life (apart from a short time away to study) I remember my dad telling me all this area was green belt land and no one will be able to put houses there.30 odd years later and there seems to be no mention of green belt and only a promise of creating jobs. There is of course the action group who are fighting the plans,i will be joining them at the next meeting and doing whatever i can to save our bit of green from becoming just another housing estate and business park.


  1. Good luck with the campaign.

  2. I hate that they try to take all the green away when there are so many disused industrial sites around the north-west and so many inner city areas that could be used better.

    Hope all goes well with the campaign.

  3. I notice you still have Another Bend in the Road in your blog list. It's unlikely I'll post there again...

    Although you never know, LOL. :)

  4. Sarah. I have done a quick blog list update.I have found some other fab blogs that i need to add at some point.I could just sit here all day popping in and out of other peoples lives.

  5. I could too. Who needs real life when you can read about other people's! ;)

    Talking of real life, must get off here and go to B&Q. Have a good weekend.