Thursday, 24 February 2011

To DIY or not to DIY

At the moment we are thinking about having some decking.

We have a patio door out onto the back garden,in fact we have 2 one from the dinning room which we never use and the one from the lounge.

The question is do we do it ourselves? saving a lot of money but probably creating a lot of stress and a lot of blue air.

Or do we get the builders in? We have had 2 round already and are awaiting quote with baited breath.

Do you think watching one video of how to build a deck on you tube qualifies us to do it ourselves?!!


  1. Well you and your son...probably but me? I think I would save up for the quote:)

  2. We used to do everything ourselves. But the second bathroom was our downfall, we did all the plumbing but got someone in to decorate after we just couldn't face doing the ceiling again after 2 failed attempts. I'm with Arianwen on this one...

  3. Treat yourself, get the builders in!!
    Love Helen xx