Sunday, 6 February 2011

Here are a few of my favourite things

On a very blustery Sunday afternoon I'm thinking about having a sort out,a spring clean without the spring.No matter how many move rounds,sort outs or giveaways we have there are a few things i could never part with.They aren't sentimental,nor expensive or even that amazing.Most of them were actually free or from charity shops. They are just my favourite things.

My dinning room fireplace.It came off freecycle,it does its job and holds a few special family photos.And on dark winter evenings looks cosy with the candles lit. It would look even better with a real fire roaring in it,but that's a blog you will have to wait until summer for.
This display cabinet an ikea special holds most of my bits its quite empty at the moment after a sort out because i couldn't get anything else in there,but I'm sure it will fill up again soon.

The doll on the top left was my mums,none of my children like it and they say it gives them nightmares (drama queens!) my photos of my babies and my dad in his army uniform,Grans tea service and some special gifts from friends

Sorry about the blurry photo,this is my dressing table,also from Gran.It has a matching wardrobe stood next to it.I'm not sure why i didn't photograph that as well.

My willow trees,i have about 18 all given with love.They all have a meaning wrote on the bottom and each one was given to me with that meaning in mind.These of course are part of the Christmas set.The little box was bought for me by a special friend who has since passed away so it has a special place in my heart.

The pictures are in my bathroom.Both from charity shops.

Another charity shop find for a fiver.

These drawers were my mum and dads,they had a really dark thick brown varnish on them.I had them dip and stripped about 10 years ago and have been wondering what finish to put on them ever since. I will show you a few more favourite things next time.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.I hope yours is a little less blustery than it is here.We are surrounded by trees which is always a worry on windy days!


  1. I love to find nice things in charity shops, like you have. It always makes me wonder who the previous owner was and why they wanted to get rid of the things that you like. Hope your 'spring clean' was successful.

  2. You are right about precious things not being necesarily the most expensive. I have my Gran's enamel pans which she used to boil milk in for my hot chocolates whenever I stayed with her; I could never part with the photos!

  3. I really enjoy thrifting. You scored some great finds! I have to be careful, though. So I try to stick to the rule "something in, something out". :)