Wednesday, 12 January 2011

And relax

I can honestly say the end of 2010 was somewhat stressful.Our beautiful little Evie-rose was born in a lovely home birth.What i didn't manage to tell you was 4 hours later her mum,my eldest was rushed to hospital lights flashing,sirens roaring.
She had gone to bed (at our house) after the birth,only to wake up in the time she had stood up she started hemorrhaging and by the time the ambulance got here she had no blood pressure reading and no pulse.
Anyway to cut a long story short,after a hospital stay and a blood transfusion shes doing fine now and managed to be home for Christmas.

New years eve morning i got up to find our lovely (not) new shiny boiler was making a very funny noise.Now we have a quite big square kitchen but still we cant get a fridge freezer in there anywhere,so as i open the door through to the utility room to get the milk out of the fridge, i stepped down into a good 5 inch of water.Apparently the boiler had been sending the washer water all night long and the washer was spitting it out all night long.
It had also made its way through to the coal house,where all the gardening things are kept.lawn mower drowned,paint tins can imagine.
After many hours of moving things out to the shed and lifting lino,mopping,and crying.We got rid of the water and got the dehumidifier going.Anyway it was sorted a few days later and its all back together now.But the morning after (new years day ) we had no water at all.The whole street was off for 8 hours.
Lets hope this year is a little calmer.
for some reason it wont let me add any pictures to this blog so you will have to use your imagination,just picture 40 year old in cow slippers and blue fluffy dressing gown weeping into her morning coffee,water slopping round her ankles and you will be about there.


  1. Hope the rest of the year is calmer! Glad D is better and you are right Evie-Rose is lovely. I am due a cuddle!

  2. January is bound to go our like a lamb since the lion was in such display at the beginning.

    Your Evie-Rose is simply beautiful. I have a grandson due this month. I'm hoping the next two weeks go quickly!

  3. It's not been a good New Year` so far here either... but my mopping in dressing gown was just before Christmas!
    Glad your daughter is on the mend. You must have been worried sick.

  4. Thank you for all your kind comments,Things are a lot calmer now.x