Monday, 22 March 2010

seeing pink

Well he came,he looked,he said"very nice"and didn't notice he had pink wood work.When i say pink i mean a hint of, not bright Barbie pink.It all went wrong when his dad said "what can i do to help?"After picking myself up off the floor i said "you could go buy some know the stuff that goes on pink and dries white"He assured me he knew what i meant and off he went.Id asked for both emulsion and gloss.
When he got back i checked the emulsion, yes that was the right one and got on with painting the celling.Well if he'd got the celling one right why check the gloss!After doing the whole window and sill,all the skirting and door frame i thought,this doesn't seem to be turning white.On closer inspection Dulux blossom white is what my son now had in his bedroom.Ah well fresh and clean.So on to the next room.

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  1. lol,lol, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really laughing. husband once painted all of the wood work with emulsion. it was great till it needed washing