Friday, 12 March 2010


Well yesterday the children were very excited,no not by the fact that i turned know... what it says up there.But by the fact Google earth street view was launched.Its fantastic you can zoom in on your street and it looks just like your stood there.We saw the cameras about in the summer and low and behold there i am at the door letting in Jess my friends dog in two shots and in another stood talking on the door step to No 3.No 3 is mortified as she is stood there in her pink fluffy dressing gown!We are lucky because our house is near to 4 different roads so we can get about 12 different views of our house.The ones taken right outside its mid summer,it looks hot and all the flowers are in full bloom.The ones taken up the main road look like its Autumn/winter.We have spotted a few people we know out and about,and my car is at home and outside my Friends.Very clever.People were worried it would compromise their home security as burglars could see which houses are alarmed and what locks they have,but surely they could do that by just walking past!.I would recommend anyone to have a look.You need to download Google earth first (make sure its the free one ).I warn you though its addictive.


  1. yep, know what you mean, v addictive!

    love the blog


  2. Oh no, sounds like I've found something else to take me away from the things I should be doing!

    Hope you hade a great time celebrating your you know what.

  3. I havent dared LOOK at Google Earth yet- I am sure I will get totally addicted to it.

    Happy belated birthday [found you via a bend in the Road!]