Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Open wide

I helped my daughter out this morning by taking her cat to the vet for some stitches out.
 As i got me,handbag,cat carrier etc out of the car i somehow banged my front tooth on the corner of the door.By the time id got into the vets i realised id chipped my tooth  and by the time we got called in it was hurting.I explained to the vet what id done (mainly because i now look like a hillbilly!) and because i couldn't speak very well.
 When the vet had finished with the cat he said "lets have a look at your tooth then" I was a bit shocked but obliged.He then proceded to get a small pot of gel and rub some on my tooth."There you go" he said "That will take that pain off until you can get to the dentist.It lasts a good couple of hours.Its what we give dogs when they've a broken a tooth"
 Well i have to say its worked.I'm now pain free and going to the dentist in the morning (although i should imagine the pain will have returned by then)
 It wasn't until i got back to my daughters and was telling her what happened i realised he didn't change his gloves from examining the cat.Aah well I've probably had worse in my mouth although i don't want to know.


  1. Plus had the gel been tested safe for humans? Haha you'll probably grow a long pointy tooth there now! ;)

    Hope you got it sorted out now.

  2. Hahahah that is actually very funny!

  3. cats, dogs, humans, we are all pretty much alike when it comes to teeth I'm sure!