Saturday, 4 February 2012

And so it begins

It started to snow around 6pm and hasn't stopped yet. The cars are struggling up the hill and the cats keep looking out of the window with a disgusted look on their faces.

Sledges are at the ready for morning.


  1. We got some great snow. Built two big snowmen, though one of the heads have fallen off 'cos it's all started to melt now.

  2. The snow went all too quick didnt it! At least we managed to get a sledge in. Can I ask Ari for your address and then post the little cushion to you? Save you putting your address on web?

  3. You're very welcome! How's your sleep going? Xx

  4. Rubbish,last night was awful.feel like a zombi

  5. I absolutely know how you feel. I feel like my last year has been a blur. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Keep happy. You are to be much admired.
    Ps your cushion is at aris she didn't know your address. R u ok to get it from her? If not I'll get it back and post it to you xx