Sunday, 22 January 2012

The world outside the window

I actually managed to hang some washing out today.The sky was blue not a rain drop in sight.The grass was very wet and boggy,and it probably wasn't a great idea to wear my daughters school shoes.Now we all take the same size i tend to put on the first pair i come across!!(I do wear my own shoes when venturing further than the garden).
I picked up a few twigs/branches that had been forced off the tree in the high winds that have kept me awake for the past two nights.
Then i spotted these.The first snowdrops in the garden.

The garden is still in such a mess.I took some dead wood off the flowering current (or at least i think thats what it is)ok maybe not all dead.
I am itching to get on with the garden.The area where the pond was needs the most work.This bit will be leveled and pebbled for the table and chairs.And this bit turfed,although it seems to be doing ok by itself.Maybe i will just seed the bald patch.As you can see the new fence is up to stop children plummeting over the wall and falling the 7 foot to the ground.It looks so much better from the road.I may try and grow something up it (any suggestions?)

The new path was put down on Nov 5th and was still very wet when folk arrived for the bonfire party.There was a lot of walking the plank going on.Which was much more entertaining when thay left in the dark and somewhat tipsy.
I hate it .It looks so industrial with it being concrete (cheapest option) Its also non slip ready for all the ice,which means there are bits i trip over every time i walk up the blooming thing.

And finally the door is painted well was painted just before Christmas in a spot of warm,dry weather.Its a farrow and ball.I cant remember the name but I'm not sure i like it although its growing on me.It looked better with the wreath on it.
Roll on spring.And no the washing didn't dry,its all in the tumble dryer.My Gran thought central heating was the way to dry washing.Well if it was due to come on anyway you may as well make use of it she would say.It gave the house a warm,damp feel.Mind you the piano tuner always tells me to stick some washing on the radiator near the piano as dry airs no good for it.Does he know how long all those little baby clothes take to hang?!

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