Monday, 15 November 2010

A swift boot into the 21st century

On Friday morning i was woken by the cold,we normally wake to at least a bit of heat.What looked like a lovely morning turned into a disaster. When we discovered old faithful had had it.(The plumber had been at this stage) and declared her dead

This beast had served us well (although probably not very economical) she heated the whole house and threw a vast amount of heat out into the kitchen.

so now in her place is a radiator

and we have this which I'm assured is much better for our pocket ,although the pots pretty empty now what with that and 3 new radiators.The plumber said our old boiler was from the 60s and there was no way things last that long now,he gave our new one 5 years at the most !! fab.


  1. 5 years! That's not long at all. Not exactly the best endorsement! Lol. Hope it lasts longer than that.

  2. We had the same old boiler! And one in the bathroom that heated tap water. Both were condemned and we had a new combi 2 years ago. It is not cheaper to run, despite being assured the old one was eating gas...

  3. We didnt really want to part with it!it did do a great job,I guess you are in the hands of the workmen and just have to hope for the best.Its funny how they always tell you the new things are cheaper to run.aah well we wont book the extra holiday yet then.