Saturday, 20 November 2010

Getting a move on

We have been doing a bit of decorating,The little boy we foster had bedroom with pink flowery wallpaper so we decided to decorate the room with something a little more child friendly. I was just thinking about getting on with it when this arrived.No its not domestic waste as the bag says.Its actually a home birthing pack.As in new baby,being born here in our house,very soon.My eldest daughters 2nd child is due any day now and she asked us if we could make it a family event and could she have a home birth here!!

Seen as most of the house looks like this. ( how is it that when you decorate one room the rest of the house gets turned upside down ?)

So i though wed better get a move on and some progress was made.Hopefully to be finished by tomorrow and the whole house cleaned and tidied.Just in case.Maybe that's wishful thinking but the thought was there.


  1. What a wonderful family home you have. I hope the birth goes well and that everyone enjoys the great occasion.

  2. Love the new deco. What an exciting time ahead, and a lovely idea.x