Friday, 21 May 2010

pond life

In our garden we have a pond.At every house we have lived in we have had a pond due to my sons love of pond life! We have 15 fish 3 of them are koi.We also have lots of frogs.We had masses of frogspawn but due to the hungry koi we never have tadpoles.As i was telling Rattling on in her blog about her pond.

Last night the pond was a hive of activity with the frogs croaking getting louder and louder.

Frogs popping up from all directions.

And sitting singing in the evening sunshine.

And this morning,more of this had appeared.I have never known them to spawn twice.I'm now in a dilemma.Do i move some frog spawn out?I cant move the koi!I always feel terrible for the poor frogs when they come back year after year and still end up with no babies.If i move some out do i move some frogs too?Oh dear life is so complicated!!


  1. Ours spawn at least twice each year. You could always move some spawn to someone else's pond if you feel really bad about thr koi scoffing it!

  2. We have filled an old pre formed pond we had in the shed and moved some into there,with a few frogs to babysit!The only thing is we havent dug it into the ground,just sort of propped it up by stones.I hope they will make it this time.

  3. Your pond looks very clear. Our fish should be issued with little miners' lamps! Alas, we haven't seen any frogs for a couple of years.

  4. We have a big pump and filter that seem to do the job.The nasty bit is cleaning out the filter a few times a year!