Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Here we go again....or not

I see the air space over Scotland and Ireland has closed yet again due to volcanic ash.It a good job we don't need to go anywhere here at the madhouse. But i do feel for those who are still stuck abroad,or need to travel the world for work.I read yesterday about one little boy who has had to be temporarily enroled in a school in Australia.His family's flight was due to leave today!
The girls keep checking out flightradar24 it shows you where all the planes are all over the world and if you hold your mouse over a little yellow plane it gives its call sign,and if you click on it it will show you the route its taken.We used it to follow No 1s flight to America last year.It was a very strange sight when the air space was completely empty a few weeks ago,but at least today some planes are in the air.

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