Saturday, 27 December 2014


Last night it began to snow around 6.30 and was still snowing at midnight when i finally drifted off to sleep.
 It has obviously frozen overnight and it was bitterly cold this morning.
 The little ones were desperate to play out so after a quick trudge round the back garden,once up and down the street and throwing a bit of snow at each other they had had enough.
 For the rest of the day we have been tucked up nice and warm inside watching the DVDs we got for Christmas. Bliss.
 The youngest didn't want lunch and as the day progressed got paler and paler.poor thing.Hes now tucked up in bed.lets hope he sleeps it off.

Tomorrow i should at least try to do a little bit of cleaning and washing,but who knows.when there's snow on the ground the sofa, a throw and the fire are just too tempting.
Keep warm

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