Sunday, 16 September 2012

keeping up

Its been a while.I'm still managing to keep up with every ones blogs,but only just. Life looking after someone Else's 16 month old is ongoing and a joy.I am also starting a degree course on the 5th November so that should be interesting.I am going to take it a year at a time and hopefully steadily plod along.
 Summer seems long gone and autumn is beginning in the garden.Although i  may have to cut the grass maybe once or twice more before the mower goes away for hibernation.
 There are still some flowers out but not many the rain seems to have helped with the loss of the petals.
  Thoughts of winter excite me and I'm looking forward to cosy nights in front of the fire.One weather forecaster i watched said we were going to skip autumn and just go straight to winter in November,snow,freezing temperatures the lot!
My mind has jumped from summer days sat in the garden with a good book to how much should i stock the freezer and should i buy a electric blanket? And of course Christmas presents and is it too early to buy cards?Ah well so it begins the madness. keep warm.
Sarah x


  1. Did you really have some summer days where you could sit in the garden? I'm obviously living in the wrong place as we jumped from soggy spring to flooded summer and if we don't get some nice autumn days I will despair! There is always next year to look forward to, I suppose.

    Good luck with the studies.