Saturday, 23 July 2011

A place for Romeo

Remember my garden pond?My lovely relaxing,sit next to with a glass of wine and listen to the relaxing sound of running water pond The one the cats loved and the fish were very happy in.The one with the perfectly round conifer tree next to it.

Well it is no more,and that stump you can just see was the perfectly round tree!

We got back off holiday yesterday (Friday) and it looked like this.

This morning it looked like this.

You see no mater how much i loved my pond.I love this little chap much much more.As you can see he likes looking at the fish (which have all gone to live at my sons).But we needed somewhere for Romeo.Who? i hear you say.Romeo is the biggest frog you have ever seen.He returns each year along with a lot of other frogs and they will be looking for somewhere to spawn.

There are still some tadpoles and baby frogs left from the big pond so they have now gone into the little one.Still as dangerous but a lot easier to net for safety.

As the day went on i began to feel a bit better about things.To the left of the pond will be grassed.

And to the right filled with flowers and shrubs.

Then on to tackling the 8 foot drop over the wall.The pond was the only thing stopping Logan going near it.I guess a fence is in the pipeline.

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