Tuesday, 24 May 2011


We have had birthdays and birth days here.Bethany turned 18 and 2 days later became an aunt again for the third time. My son and daughter in law had their beautiful baby Jessica Elizabeth on Friday the 13th,weighing in at 6lb 4 oz.

The gardens going a bit wild although i managed to do something about the front at weekend,the back is looking jungle like.

My eldest daughters baby's have all found new homes.Cheesecake was the last to go.

And my youngest has developed a design streak.

And me,well i have all this to paint

and this

and all the way up there

and along there

And finally up there as well

The woodwork has finally been finished thank goodness and the carpet ordered so all we need to do now is go from green to coffee.

I'm sorry about the pictures i don't know why they get further and further apart as you scroll down.Ive tried everything.Any ideas?


  1. Plenty to keep you out of mischief!
    On Typepad (and I don't know if Blogger is the same) the spaces happen when you add pictures sometimes. I just click above the picture then backspace until I'm where I want to be.
    Congratulations on the new arrival, a very auspicious birthday (13 is my lucky number).

  2. I use HTML mode when I have this sort of problem and just delete the white space.

    Love the cake, the design, the baby, and the kitten. Hope you have fun with your painting!