Thursday, 3 June 2010

A sticky situation

Well the big spring bank project is well under way.The old carpet has been taken up off the stairs and hours and hours of sanding has taken place. Now i know they don't look a pretty sight as yet but this is the first layer of varnish and the tester bit of white paint.

We varnished our way up to bed,with hope that all would be dry the next morning.

Well it wasn't and we are now going up and down stairs via the very right hand side which is still unpainted.The varnish needs a second coat but i fear that may be as we leave for our holiday in the summer,varnishing our way out of the door!!


  1. Been there, done that! Don't leave your passport or car keys upstairs whatever you do.

  2. you might be going up the unpainted bit but, have you told cats, dogs and toddlers that is what you are doing?

  3. I have had to follow the cats up with turps and a cloth a few times!!