Monday, 19 April 2010

A bump in the night

It was about 4am this morning when i was woken up by a huge bang.Mind in overdrive i laid there thinking burglars?a car crash?cats?I got out of bed a little reluctantly and had a wander round the house and a quick peek out of the window.All seemed ok.After a quick peek in on the girls i went back to bed.
It was around 6am when the 2nd big bang happened and a half awake gurgling screech.Rushing in to see what was wrong i found No 3 in a kind of legs in air upside downy position in bed.
After helping her out she said"why didn't you help me up earlier when the first bit collapsed?"
Well she had looked asleep to me.
Off to Ikea today then!.


  1. We once hired a cottage in France. It had lovely old chunky furniture, old beds etc. In the middle of the third night we both woke up as we'd heard a creaking noise...about a minute later the whole lot collapsed. When we investigated, we found that someone had previously done a dreadful bodged repair- obviously didn't want to lose the security deposit. Neither did we. We used the car emergency repair kit to do a similar bodge and moved the mattress onto the floor, where we slept for the rest of the holiday...