Thursday, 28 November 2013

Its been a while

But I'm still here.Life is moving on much as life does. Since my last post which I was shocked to see was in April, we have had a summer holiday ,Cardigan bay in Wales. I had never been before but it was the most relaxing holiday I have ever had. We even got to watch the dolphins playing in the bay.
 We have had numerous birthdays. Halloween, With pumpkin calving, mess and sweets. Do you remember trying to calve a turnip?. Bonfire night and we are almost upon the holiday I love the most.
 We still have the two little ones that arrived with us just before last Christmas, causing some last minuet panic Christmas shopping. This year so far has been a little more relaxing, but im sure the panic will happen nearer to the big day. Followed by my yearly Christmas cold. Why do I always get ill two days before Christmas day?!
 Its time to get ready for a little ladies special day now here and then im sure it will nag,nag,nag to put the tree up. The problem is this year I want to get a real one and getting it too soon may end in a twig with lights on by the big day.
I hope your holiday plans all go without a hitch.
The aim is to blog more often but just in case I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.x