Sunday, 28 March 2010

Its official

Well that's it then,this morning my youngest has officially turned into a teenager.Although in attitude (sometimes) shes been there for a while.I now have 3 of them 3 teens and a 21 year old.What will the years ahead hold? Tears and laughter no dought.

Happy Birthday C. X

Monday, 22 March 2010

seeing pink

Well he came,he looked,he said"very nice"and didn't notice he had pink wood work.When i say pink i mean a hint of, not bright Barbie pink.It all went wrong when his dad said "what can i do to help?"After picking myself up off the floor i said "you could go buy some know the stuff that goes on pink and dries white"He assured me he knew what i meant and off he went.Id asked for both emulsion and gloss.
When he got back i checked the emulsion, yes that was the right one and got on with painting the celling.Well if he'd got the celling one right why check the gloss!After doing the whole window and sill,all the skirting and door frame i thought,this doesn't seem to be turning white.On closer inspection Dulux blossom white is what my son now had in his bedroom.Ah well fresh and clean.So on to the next room.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

On the move...Again

Well what a week,Last Friday was the first time we saw the inside of my sons new house.It wasn't as easy as picking up a key oh no.It was sitting outside for over an hour waiting for a lock smith!.There was no way he could get in the front door so we trailed round the back (to the end of the terrace and then up the back)and eventually he managed to get in.(The house in the picture is not it by the way!just in case you thought we were millionaires)

Now from the outside we knew it wouldn't be good and it hasn't been lived in or even entered for 4 years!It looks like the previous occupants just got up one morning and left.There was still water and what i think was a sponge in the bath!We had to fight through the jungle both front and back to get to the doors.The front door had a tree growing right across it.

So Saturday was the day me and daughter No 3 threw all the last occupants belongings into black bags and took the first two loads to the tip,then Sunday 2 more tip trips.Monday morning i had the agonising Waite for the gas board and electric board.Anytime between 8am and 8pm the cheery lady told me.The thought of sitting in that house all day didn't thrill me,so i made a start on the front garden.(I wish id taken pictures.I will of the rest of the house) 4 hours and a bad back later i was pretty pleased with myself.Both the gas and electric men came together about half an hour later.Once they had done the 7 bags of gardening rubbish and me went back to my now new 2nd home the tip.Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much the same.Then Friday was fun.I met the carpet cleaner man there as two of the carpets (each bedroom) look good quality and should clean up well,the rest will go in the skip next week with the kitchen and bathroom.Then the tree surgeon arrived to chop down 3 trees one by the front door two in the back.He did a great job and with his chain saw chopped most of the back jungle down as well.After he left i got my wellies on picked up my garden broom and a shovel and went down into the dreaded cellar.

The house is on a natural spring and the cellar was ankle deep in sludge.I shoveled buckets full up and eventually swilled the whole floor with clean water and moped it all up again.I have to say job well done.I don't know how often it will flood but if each time its cleaned up and ventilated it should be ok.This morning i have painted his front bedroom.I will tell you about that next tomorrow,I just hope my son is ok with pink wood work!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Put your feet up!

Mothers day?In the morning i took 2 loads to the tip for my son,did 3 loads of washing for daughter No1.Then cooked a Sunday lunch for all the family,who then all left me to wash up!But i did get a box of chocs.I hope your mothers day was a day of relaxation.

Friday, 12 March 2010


Well yesterday the children were very excited,no not by the fact that i turned know... what it says up there.But by the fact Google earth street view was launched.Its fantastic you can zoom in on your street and it looks just like your stood there.We saw the cameras about in the summer and low and behold there i am at the door letting in Jess my friends dog in two shots and in another stood talking on the door step to No 3.No 3 is mortified as she is stood there in her pink fluffy dressing gown!We are lucky because our house is near to 4 different roads so we can get about 12 different views of our house.The ones taken right outside its mid summer,it looks hot and all the flowers are in full bloom.The ones taken up the main road look like its Autumn/winter.We have spotted a few people we know out and about,and my car is at home and outside my Friends.Very clever.People were worried it would compromise their home security as burglars could see which houses are alarmed and what locks they have,but surely they could do that by just walking past!.I would recommend anyone to have a look.You need to download Google earth first (make sure its the free one ).I warn you though its addictive.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

What a difference a year makes

Well the sun is out the sky is blue there's not a cloud...and all that,but the ground is frozen solid and there is a thin layer of ice over the pond.This time last year in the week leading up to the 11th we had laid 70sq meters of turf,planted a whole army of bulbs and bedding plants (most of which were then eaten by the rabbit through out the summer)and the garden was a wash with the yellow glow of Daffy's.
Right now my poor feet are still in woolly socks and the fish are staying very near the bottom of the pond,I'm sure one day soon i will be able to sit in the garden with a cool glass of something nice,but right now that feels a long way off.